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Welcome! Thank you so much for joining me as I share my Mediterranean lifestyle and "KISS" philosophy in all aspects of my life. I preach what I practice. Via simple, natural and inexpensive lifestyle elements, I am living my optimal life. When people ask me what I do, I gratefully reply, “I live. I love.” By embracing the simple pleasures of life and living the Mediterranean lifestyle, I am blessedly happy, healthy and in harmony. I share insights to help holistically enhance your life as well. May you count your blessings and find them to be countless…  



I am dedicated to helping others become happier, healthier, & more harmonious with enriching and empowering writings. A Mediterranean-type lifestyle is integral to my strategy and my keep it simple, sweetheart "KISS" philosophy defines my approach. 

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Reviews of Sophia Elan's Works of Literary Fiction, Narrative Non-Fiction & Holistic Wellness Non-Fiction

"I’m confident that anyone who follows her recommendations will lose weight, be healthier, enjoy increased energy, and be happier in their overall lives.”

"Overall, Roar: Primed for Peace is a fierce work of emotionally resonant writing that is sure to uplift and help anyone who reads it.”

"Filled with romance, humor, heartbreak, and drama, Sophia Elan takes readers on a delightful Mediterranean journey with an unhurried narrative that is as engaging as it's inspiring.”

"... Elan empowers others with the knowledge of the conditions stress may cause in their lives that may be eliminated with simple acts."

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In her empathetic and relatable voice, Elan offers simple and empowering natural recommendations to achieve “smart weight loss” and look great, feel great, and be great. “Eat the Cupcake” is not only a decisively different “weight loss” book but also a lifestyle guide to optimize overall health.


Reeling from her second marriage with a narcissistic man, vulnerable, brave Sofia books a one-way ticket to Sicily, determinedly picking up the pieces of her broken heart and shattered life. Armed with her steely resolve, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, as her spiritual guide, and the enduring wisdom of Dr. Seuss, Sofia embarks on a soul journey to find happiness and inner peace as she absorbs the splendors of the Mediterranean. She finds a kindred spirit in the passionate, resilient Sicily, devouring simple pleasures and cultural treasures while eagerly flirting with the prospect of new love with impossibly charming Leo. Could he be her Prince Charming or is she destined to repeat the mistakes of her past? Feed your wanderlust with Sofia as she embraces life with open arms while navigating her heart.



Stress less, live more… An illuminating, practical guidebook on why and how to conquer destructive chronic stress.

In this well-researched and engaging book, Elan shares 52 simple, life-changing, proven strategies (based on holistic therapies and neuroscience) to help guide you to a path toward health, happiness, and harmony.


A conqueror of diverse traumas, Elan preaches what she practices and shares an insightful toolkit for resolving chronic stress and overcoming the destructive emotional, behavioral, physiological, and psychological impacts she knew all too well from a lifetime of misdiagnoses and mistreatments. In her compassionate and relatable voice, Elan encourages us all to be our own best health advocate and “insurance” by engaging in simple, empowering natural habits and practices to live the rest of our lives as the best of our lives. Keep it simple, sweetheart…


An uplifting, inspirational narrative non-fiction story of triumphing over a lifetime of traumas, “Roar’” is a celebration of the incredible power of self-healing and the transformative power of gratitude. Sophia Elan, aka, "The Naked Conqueror,” vulnerably shares her raw account of what she calls "dark moments" interspersed throughout a happy life, well lived. Sophia intimately shares the wisdom gleaned from her own healing path and personal growth in hopes of helping others progress on their unique journeys. She invites us to collectively find our own voices and "roar" because healing doesn't happen in silence or solitude.

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release yourself


“Release Yourself” is "Mastering the Art of Stress" in a 3-part series dedicated to conquering destructive stress for health, happiness and harmony. In this well-researched and engaging series, Elan shares 50 simple, life-changing, proven strategies to become a stress conqueror and reclaim one's mental and physical well-being. Part I is free in hopes of encouraging people to appreciate the destructive nature of stress.


Interested in following Sophia's holistic wellness approach and pursuit of simple pleasures? 
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Life. Lived.

I am a University of Chicago Law School alum and former corporate lawyer who traded my professional career to feed my soul. I am an insatiable foodie and an avid health, fitness and travel enthusiast with a masters degree in natural health and certifications in fitness and nutrition. I am blessed to be traveling the world with my fourth passport and unquenchable zest for life in quest of simple pleasures. These passions provide me with endless inspiration for my writing career and holistic wellness brand. Although I currently reside along the exquisite Turkish Riviera, I travel throughout the Mediterranean, collecting memories and insights for my Mediterranean Me lifestyle and trademark “keep it simple, sweetheart” approach. My lifestyle is simple, pleasurable, and replicable and I am excited to share insights and motivational messages to inspire and empower others to live the rest of their lives as the best of their lives. 

Please follow me on social media to join my escapades and always feel free to reach out. With gratitude and enthusiasm, Sophia xo

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Captivating. Enriching. Inspiring. Entertaining.

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“Anyone who needs to lose weight, keep it off, and develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle should read Eat the Cupcake, Savor the Champagne by Sophia Elan.”

“It’s packed with relevant information to help people achieve those goals and more. Elan’s book is not just another diet book. It’s a comprehensive, lifelong guide written to help readers not only lose weight but keep it off and feel physically and emotionally well.” 

“Elan is specific in her advice, yet always keeps her promise to keep it simple. I admired that although her book shows extensive research, it’s written in easy-to-understand language with equally easy-to-understand recommendations.”

“This book is a refreshing approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Rather than prescribing a specific diet restricting and/or demonizing certain food, it encourages you to embrace food in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of my favorite lines in the book is that, "Diet is a noun to me, not a verb."

“The chapters are quick and snappy with lots of useful information in each. This book does not focus on calories, but nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips and guidelines. This is not a boring diet book; enjoy the cupcake!”

“The book provides helpful background information about the causes of weight issues and impediments to weight loss. It's not as simple as calories in vs. calories out. Healthy weight loss requires a healthy lifestyle. The 25 strategies are well-explained and easy to follow. You can pick and choose which of the strategies to use to achieve and maintain a sustainable weight. Highly recommend.”


“This thought-provoking work is not just a story of resilience and courage but also hope.”

“Author Sophia Elan skillfully combines sensory details, cultural connections, and introspective thoughts to give the reader a truly immersive experience.”

“Sicilian Seductions by Sophia Elan is a captivating story that blends the themes of love and self-discovery.”

“Sicilian Seductions gives a feel-good vibe to lift the spirit or even ignite emotions and make your heart beat faster with its love scenes.”

“The story gains depth and realism from the author's skill in capturing the complexities of human emotions and relationships. Readers are not only entertained but also inspired to consider their own experiences with love and personal development as they follow Sofia's journey.”

“Elan nails the food and architecture and describes them all in near cinematic detail, down to the history.”

“Sicilian Seductions is not only for fans of romance novels but also for true foodies who find great satisfaction in being tantalized by gastronomic details and activities that pique their senses and appetites.”

“As I dove deeper into Sofia's story, my curiosity for culture, art, and history was stirred, and I could not wait to research more on the social and cultural history of the Mediterranean region. I am looking forward to reading something else by this talented author.”


"heartfelt work which seeks to bring harmony to others;” “may very well pave the way for others who have experienced trauma to “live happily ever now” too;” “an epiphany and a philosophy on life that finally achieves true healing, and can be of great inspiration to others,”
“the blueprint to a healthier and happy life.”

“Couldn’t put it down,” “Compelling And Inspirational,” “Beautifully written. Raw, insightful and transformational;” “captivating read.”

“She has been through so much and continues to forge ahead with a huge capacity to love and forgive. She is a warrior at heart for all she has been through and to have the tenacity to figure out how to heal holistically.”

“What is so impressive in Sophia's writing is this inward look focuses on who she is and not what has happened to her. Even when recounting traumatic experiences Sophia walks us through her thoughts always climbing toward the light. The ability to reflect and know herself is a super power and sharing it with other trauma survivors is a gift.”

“The overarching take away is an uplifting one that happiness is attainable no matter what life throws at us.”

“Elan inspires us... loving others fearlessly and, most importantly, loving oneself... is the recipe for happiness.”

“Ms. Elan’s courage, perseverance, optimism and gratitude not only helped her transform her life but can serve as an inspiration to others to live their fullest, most authentic life as well.”

“It's the globetrotting adventures, set-backs, trauma and triumphs Elan lived along the way that make her story so riveting.”


"Sophia Elan makes the case for a healthier lifestyle. In a world that seems pressure-filled and chaotic, Elan gives her readers the information they need to process the ill effects of prolonged stress."

"Elan's conversational approach is easy to read as she relates her experiences to readers who may have had similar experiences, encouraging and inspiring them."

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life.

To be happy. It’s all that matters.“ - Audrey Hepburn

audrey hepburn

Sophia Elan

My wish is for everyone to live a limitless life fueled by savage self-love and self-respect. You. Owe. You. Time to roar...

Thank you so much for being here; I truly appreciate it! Please stay in touch to discover more literary and worldly adventures. Sophia xo

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Kas, Turkey

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Simple Pleasures & Holistic Lifestyle Factors for Optimal Living


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Health, Happiness & Harmony

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Travel & Wellness
Curiosity, Exploration, &
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Key to My Happiness & Harmony

Cuisine: Food is Love
Nutritious & Delicious

Our focus should be on nutrition and what we should eat - not deprivation and food phobias. My goal is to help you embrace yourself and demystify the simple way to a healthy weight while optimizing overall health.

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Life
The "KISS" Plan: Self-Care Made Simple

There is not a single "Mediterranean diet;" the Mediterranean region is gloriously diverse. Although the focus on a Mediterranean-type diet is well-deserved for its health-promoting aspects, what we eat is just one component of an optimal lifestyle. I share the nuances that define "Mediterranean" cuisine which make this dietary pattern so incredibly diverse and appealing. I also expand the conversation beyond food, highlighting health-depleting factors (e.g., chronic stress, sleep deprivation, oxidative stress, a sedentary lifestyle, & limiting beliefs) and share ways we can harness the power of our wondrous bodies and minds to achieve health, happiness, & harmony. My focus is on what we have to gain, not lose. I'd be honored if you join me. Let's elevate life together, one day at a time. Small steps, big results.

"Happily Ever Now" Series

The “Happily Ever Now” series is a testament to the wonders that await when you open your heart and your mind; an ode to the simple pleasures of life; and a celebration of the enduring healing power of love and intimacy in all its forms. The evocative and provocative collection takes us on an inspirational journey of personal transformation while immersively transporting us to Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, France and Montenegro. "Sicilian Seductions" is the debut novel in Elan's Mediterranean-based soul journey. Please subscribe for periodic updates for releases and book events.

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Mediterranean-ize Your Life for Optimal Health & Pleasure

Holistic Wellness & Simple Pleasures

Self-Care & Joy Made Simple

The "Happily Ever Now" Series


Elan’s 7-part book series, Happily Ever Now, is an evocative Mediterranean love affair with heart and a powerful entreaty to live authentically. It is an insightful poignant tale of one woman’s journey of self-discovery and transformation as she follows her heart, traveling throughout the Mediterranean in search of inner peace and true happiness. At its heart, Happily Ever Now is a soul journey of the protagonist's discovery of self and happiness played out against an alluring Mediterranean background. Sofia, the vulnerable, but equally strong, “heroine,” embarks on this journey with his Holiness, the Dalai Lama as her spiritual guide. In her quest for happiness, Sofia takes accountability for the trajectory of her life, coming to appreciate the importance of gratitude and perspective and the necessity of cultivating positivity. Happily Ever Now, full of epiphanies and vivid immersions in foreign cultures, is a vulnerable portrayal of finding fulfillment in the face of adversity, reminiscent of the wildly popular “Eat, Pray, Love” and “Under the Tuscan Sun.”

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